A Cozy Year…

It has been just about one year since I sold my first scarf on Etsy, so I thought now would be the time to reflect on what my scarves have been up to this year…

This mustard scarf necklace made it to Etsy’s front page last October. That made me happy!

Scarf Necklace by DottieQ

Mustard Scarf Necklace by DottieQ


Awe, this is the first scarf I ever made. It was a super soft, 100% cotton, chunky yarn. I loved the cream color and remember being so happy that it actually turned out how I planned. This scarf now lives in L.A.

Off White Cotton Infinity Scarf by DottieQ

Off-White Cotton Infinity Scarf by DottieQ


This warm teal blue infinity scarf lives with one of my favorite people in the world (my Grammy).

Teal Blue Infinity Loop by DottieQ

Teal Blue Infinity Loop by DottieQ


This upcycled, pumpkin orange scarf now lives the furthest from me ~ about 7,935 miles (12,767.42 km) away in Hong Kong.

Honey Gold Eternity Scarf by DottieQ

Honey Gold Eternity Scarf by DottieQ


Last winter almost every time I stepped out into the cold I wore this blue loop scarf

Blue Eternity Scarf

Blue Eternity Scarf by DottieQ


…or this gray cowl. What? I have to make sure they are cozy!

Gray Cowl by DottieQ

Gray Cowl by DottieQ


I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at the past year of coziness with me ~ there’s more to come this year.

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~ The End ~