DIY Sponge Cake Play Food Tutorial

This weekend I took a break from crocheting and had some fun with the girls making this cute sponge cake project. Why? Besides the fact that it was easy and fun, our fearless leader of the Strange Folk Festival (Sept. 27 & 28, O’Fallon Park, IL) sent out word that this year’s festival will include a kitchen area in the famous Fort Featherbottom.

Fort Featherbottom is where you’ll find a fun pretend campground with plenty of interesting props to play pretend, plus our famous “water blobs”, handmade hulahoops, sandbox, and much more! The Hunt for Craft October is a crafty scavenger hunt, and Washi Wonderland features projects that you make using countless combinations of adorable washi tape!

Since no kitchen is complete without cake, we thought we’d give these cute play food sponge cakes a try and share them with the kids at Fort Featherbottom this weekend…


Start with sponges. Any size, any color. We went with these purple, green and pink rectangle sponges.


Here’s an other photo for my organizationally preoccupied friends:


Since we didn’t need too much puffy paint, we borrowed some from my sweet neighbor Allison. She has been collecting this paint since the late 80s (notice the radical top ponytail and over sized sweater/leggings combo).


We cut each sponge diagonally.


Then we trimmed the edges to make them look like a slice of round cake.


Next, we hot glued each layer of sponge together.


Finally, we got to painting! When icing the cakes we found it was easier to get a thick frosting look by using a brush. We waited a bit for the first layer to dry then added decoration.


The girls had a blast with this sponge cake play food project, but it made us totally hungry for cake!


 More information about the Strange Folk Festival.

~ The End ~