So Cozy: Boot Cuffs


Let’s face it. The second the temperature dips below boiling we all rush to put on our boots. There’s just no better way to welcome fall. This year I’ve made cute and comfy boot cuffs to help keep out the cold. There are two styles – one in eco friendly organic cotton and another that is warm and chunky. They are available in just about any color you can imagine and can be worn tucked into your boot or on the outside. Sizes can be customized too.

Dusk Blue Organic Cotton Boot Cuff by DottieQ

Dusk Blue Organic Cotton Boot Cuff

Gray Boot Cuff by DottieQ

Titanium Gray Boot Cuff

Maroon Boot Cuff by DottieQ

Maroon Boot Cuff

Tangerine Orange Boot Cuff by DottieQ

Tangerine Orange Boot Cuff

Mint Green Boot Cuff byt DottieQ

Mint Green Boot Cuff

Warm Wool Blend Boot Cuff by DottieQ

Warm Wool Blend Boot Cuff


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