The Unbelievable Cherry Sisters!

The other night I saw my first R-S Theatrics show – The Cherry Sisters Revisited. It’s based on the true story of The Cherry Sisters and their ten-year run as an infamously awful vaudeville act. Planning to see The Cherry Sisters Revisited? Be ready to shed some tears and dodge some tomatoes (for real), but also be ready for some major laughs.

R-S Theatrics Presents The Cherry Sisters Revisited

R-S Theatrics Presents The Cherry Sisters Revisited – Photo by Michael Young

I caught up with the Cherry Sisters after the show and they shared their favorite lines with me. Enjoy!

“Two cows in a field: One cow says ‘moo’. The other says ‘You readin’ my mind?'”
– Beth Wickenhauser (Addie Cherry)

“If we believe it, then they will.”
– Rachel Tibbetts (Effie Cherry)

“I believe in you, Effie.”
– Nicole Angeli (Ella Cherry)

“I’m not talkin’ cheeks, I’m talkin’ hot lips!”
– Mollie Amburgey (Lizzie Cherry)

“We’ll remember it better than it was.”
– Ellie Schwetye (Jessie Cherry)

Cherry Sisters Revisted RS Theatrics

June 7-16 2013

Book by Dan O’Brien

Music by Michael Friedman

Mollie Amburgey
Nicole Angeli
Ellie Schwetye
Rachel Tibbetts
Beth Wickenhauser
B. Weller

Directed by Ms. Kirsten Wylder

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