Three Questions: Cut & Tear

A few months ago as I was getting lost in the wonderful world of Etsy, I stumbled across Cut & Tear: a London based shop full of handmade, unique paper dolls, cute and original cloth dolls and plenty more quirky upcycled goods. At first sight I knew Cut & Tear’s paper doll bookmarks would make awesome companions for book club ladies, and I wanted to know more about them.

Cut & Tear’s creator, Kate, and I started chatting and she agreed to be the first in my ‘Three Questions’ blog series, so here we go…

What lead you to develop your paper doll series?

These dollies came into existence by chance. I actually dreamt of the dolls’ shape and sketched it out in the morning. The idea was that they would be a little bit odd, but that they would also represent real women and not Barbies. I thought that it would be fun to draw underwear or trendy swimsuits as an unexpected surprise. And so was the first doll born!


EMILY Bookmark by Cut & Tear

Your dolls’ unique personalities definitely caught my attention. Is there one doll you consider your favorite?

Some of the looks and personalities of my dolls are loosely based on my friends, while others are just funky characters. What they have in common is their body shape. They are all real women, no Barbies, that was the idea from the start. 
I do not have a favourite doll as such but the very first one – Adela – is significant for me. I also always enjoy the doll I am currently working on, as she provides new creative possibilities.

ADELA bookmark  by Cut & Tear

ADELA bookmark by Cut & Tear

What’s next for Cut & Tear?

It really depends on my time. I am an Art Teacher and my Etsy shop is just a passion of mine. I am currently working on articulated swimmer dolls and I would love to make some more soft fabric dolls, the designs are finished, now just the time to make them…

SERAFINA 5 One of a Kind Collectable by Cut & Tear

SERAFINA 5 One of a Kind Collectable by Cut & Tear

Cut & Tear is currently offering a giveaway ending on 15th May ~ enter to win Ollie Owl on Cut & Tear’s blog.

Ollie the Owl by Cut & Tear

Ollie the Owl by Cut & Tear

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